BATTLE AXE (Textured)
BATTLE AXE (Textured)

BATTLE AXE (Textured)


BATTLE AXE (Textured)

The textured Battle Axe is designed to complement and enhance technique, control, and articulation. It features our patented ergonomic grip, which incorporates contouring, a center cutout, and a raised grip texture to help you keep a firm grip on it while you're playing. It also expands on the versatility of "normal "picks by offering three 2.0 mm bevel tips. No matter which tip you play with, you're getting the same, great performance. It's like having three picks in one!

Similar in size and shape to "jazz" style picks, the Battle Axe is a great option for players who are looking for a great combination of speed, articulation, and control. 


Unlike the rest of the Battle Axe models, the textured Battle Axe is covered in a subtle gritty texture. This adds a little more bite and volume in the pick attack while still offering a smooth string release.


The textured Battle Axe is made with our NEOS material (PAT pending). It's flexible, long-lasting, and offers a balanced pick attack. 

Bog street picks are uniquely manufactured one at a time and laser finished to the highest standards of quality. This process creates a continuous molded edge around all 3-sides of the pick for optimal string release.