Bog Street Introduces the Axe Series Guitar Picks

Bog Street announces the launch of the new Axe Series guitar picks. The new product line represents the company’s second challenge to the conventional guitar pick. The Axe models feature a unique, 3-sided form-factor designed with grip security and playability in mind. The unique, 3-sided plectrums include models that combine both thick and thin edges in a single pick.

The Axe series picks are the result of many iterations of prototyping, testing and refinements over the last year. The Axe series size, shape and surface texture are designed to optimize ergonomic grip while providing flexibility for individual technique and style. Each pick is injection molded using a high-grade crystalline polymer, laser cut finished, and polished in a silicon carbide grit to perfect the edge and feel. 

The Axe Blade and Axe Cut models feature a 3-sided design that provides players with two, 2mm jazz-style beveled edges and a .6 mm strumming edge with a standard tip shape. Other variations are planned for later in the year based on ongoing customer feedback. All three models are available immediately through the company website at 

Bog Street is not a newcomer to introducing disruptive design concepts to the guitar gear space. Company founder, Paul Holcomb launched the company just over a year ago from a Kickstarter campaign with the LEAP series. The success of the patented 3-sided picks paved the way for the company to carve out a unique niche in the ergonomic pick market. 

“Last year we created the LEAP series picks to meet a very specific need,” stated Holcomb. “The larger and more aggressive grip design was created for those that struggled to handle a standard guitar pick. That included beginners and those with various hand impairments. The AXE Series was created to meet a need at the other end of the spectrum - the professional player that needed a compact pick that was easy to grip.

I received a ton of feedback requesting a more agile design that made advanced techniques like pinch harmonics a breeze, but still provided a secure grip. The final Axe models were the result of a year’s worth of prototyping and player input. A strong feedback loop with professional players is a fundamental aspect of our product development strategy.”

About Bog Street:
Bog Street designs and manufactures accessories and clothing designed to amplify the guitar playing experience through exceptional products.  All products are manufactured in the USA.










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